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What is the PLE?

PLE stands for Parlement Lycéen Européen, an European organization of jewellery schools.

The PLE was established by 1993 in France. The original idea was to create a link between the jewellery schools in Europe and other countries all over the world by working together on transnational activities.

During each school year, the PLE promotes and manages two different kind of activities aimed at distinct purposes:

  • technical actions to act as training periods and exchanges in Europe;
  • exhibitions and student press actions as reports and writing exchanges.

Some of the projects run under official European Union programs, like Socrates-Comenius or Leonardo projects.

Our organization is directed by an equal parity administrative committee. Here each member school is represented by two delegates, one student and one coordinator teacher. Today, 23 jewellery schools are PLE members, and whilst most of them are located in European countries, like Belgium, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Portugal, Scotland and Spain, there are also schools from outside Europe (located at different continents in countries like Canada, the Ivory Coast and Peru) that have a special status as observer members.

We at the PLE are always looking for new partners from other countries, particularly in the northern and eastern Europe, to continue to discover, to work and to grow richer with each new identity and difference we encounter.


PLE Schools

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