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PLE History, throughout the years.

Yearly meetings:

2016. The 24th meeting is planned to happen in Spain, Estepona, Escuela Joyeria.

2015. The 23rd meeting is scheduled for Greece, Volos, at the DIEK jewellery school.

2014-  The 22nd meeting will revisit Cyprus, Larnaca, the Diamond setting and jewellery school.

2013 – The 21th meeting is scheduled for Portugal, Lisbon, at Escola Artística António Arroio.

2012 – The 20th meeting was held in Portugal, Oporto, hosted by Escola Artística de Soares dos Reis (Soares dos Reis School of Arts), from Thursday the 17th of May to Sunday, the 20th of May. Detailed information about this meeting can be found here.

2011 – The 19th meeting was held at Spain, city of Vigo, Escuela Technica de Joyeria del Atlantico.

2010 – Belgium, Namur, hosted the 18th meeting at the Institut des Arts, Techniques et Artisanats.

2009 – The 17th meeting happened in Latvia, Liepaja, Liepajas Lietiskas makslas koledza.

2008 – The 16th meeting was in Italy, Valenza, at the Istituto d’Arte Benvenuto Cellini.

2007 – Cyprus, Larnaca, the Diamond setting jewellery school hold the 15th meeting.

2006 – The 14th meeting was in Scotland, city of Glasgow, North Glasgow College.

2005 – The 13th meeting was held at Italy, Peschierra del Garda, Istituto d’Arte Benvenuto Cellini.

2004 – The 12th meeting was in Greece, Delphes, Galileo School.

2003 – Belgium hosted the 11th meeting, on Anvers, at Stedelijk Instituut voor Handel en Ambachten.

2002 – The 10th meeting was in Portugal, Oporto, at Escola Secundária de Soares dos Reis.

2001 – The 9th meeting was held in Italy, Arezzo, at Arti Orafe.

2000 – Spain was the stage for the 8th meeting, city of Malaga, at Escuela Internacional de Joyeria y Gemologia.

1999 – The 7th metting happened in Germany, Kaiserslautern, Meisterschüle für Handwerker.

1998 – The Netherlands hosted the 6th meeting, in Amsterdam, at Roc Zadkine De Vakschool.

1997 – the 5th meeting was held in Portugal, Lisbon, at the Escola Secundária António Arroio.

1996 – the 4th meeting happened in Greece, Athens, Institut Français – Stemnitsa. Ecole technique bijouterie.

1995 – the 3rd meeting took place in Germany, Idar-Oberstein Fachhoschule Edelstein und Schmuckdesign

1994 – the 2nd meeting was in France, Saint-Amand Md. Lycée Professionnel Jean Guéhenno.

1993 – the 1st meeting was held in France, Saint-Amand Md. Lycée Professionnel Jean Guéhenno.

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  1. Is this accurate? I thought this year’s meeting (2014) was supposed to be in Greece.. Has it changed?

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